About Wandering Star Candle Co.

Created for the outdoor adventurers, lovers of nature, and casual wanderer

Photo of Wandering Star Candle Co. owner AJ

Hi y'all! I'm AJ, the owner of Wandering Star Candle Co. and I have always had a strong love for being outdoors and traveling — whether it is hiking through a forest, singing around a campfire, or taking a moment to watch the waves crash on a beach — and I wanted to find a way to recreate my most memorable adventures. So in 2021, I started making candles that evoked the scents I encountered at my favorite outdoor spots in Texas. I started sharing these candles with friends and received great reviews, which led me to wanting to share these with all nature lovers.

Our candles are all inspired by my favorite outdoor locations, but can be enjoyed anywhere that you wish to experience the great outdoors!

We're constantly expansing, learning, and testing, so please bookmark our site, follow us on Instagram, or sign-up for a email list, to stay in the know on our newest scents and products!